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A. Shower Receptors
B. Shower Walls
C. Shower Accessories

A. Section 06415 - Countertops: Solid Surface Countertops
B. Section 15400 - Plumbing: Water supply fittings and drains for shower assembly

A. ANSI Z124.3 - American National Standard for Plastic Lavatories; 2005
B. ISSFA-2 - Classification and Standards for Solid Surfacing Material; International Solid Surface Fabricators Association; 2001
C. ASTM E84 - Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials; 2007

A. See Section 01300 - Administrative Requirements, for submittal procedures.
B. Product Data: Indicate product description and finishes, fabrication information, and compliance with specified design requirements. Provide product data for shower accessories indicating size, finish, means of attachment and installation instructions.
C. Shop Drawings: Indicate dimensions, component sizes, fabrication details, attachment provisions, and coordination requirements with adjacent work.
D. Samples: Submit minimum two samples 2" x 2" of each color in manufacturer's standard color range for final finish selection by architect , or of specific color as scheduled. Samples to show full range of color and pattern variation. Approved samples to be retained as standards for work.
E. Maintenance Data: Submit manufacturer's Care and Maintenance Data, including repair and cleaning instructions. Include in Project Closeout documents.

A. Installers Qualifications: Company specializing in fabricating and installing the products specified in this section with a minimum three years experience and approved by manufacturer of solid surface shower system.
B. Coordination of Installation:
1. Coordinate required in-wall blocking types and locations with Construction Manager.
2. Coordinate recesses in concrete slabs, drain locations and plumbing fixture locations with plumber and Construction Manager.

A. Deliver no components to project site until areas are ready for installation. Store all components indoors in a weathertight area, above grade in a manner to prevent damage or discoloration prior to installation.
B. Handle all materials to prevent damage to finished surfaces. Provide protective coverings to prevent physical damage or staining following installation for duration of project.

A. See Section 01780 - Closeout Submittals, for additional warranty requirements.
B. Provide manufacturer's standard 10 year warranty against defects in materials. Warranty shall provide material and labor to repair or replace defective materials. Damage caused by physical or chemical abuse or damage from excessive heat will not be warranted.


A. Array Solid Surface Products, as distributed by Maxstone International, LLC
B. Substitutions, approved as required.

A. Solid Surfacing Sheet and Plastic Resin Castings: Manufactured cast polymer solid surface material composed of polyester-acrylic resin, UV stabilizer, Aluminum Trihydrate, mineral fillers and colorants to comply with ISSFA-2 and NEMA LD-3; material to be homogenous, non-porous and capable of being worked and repaired using standard woodworking tools; no surface coatings; color and pattern consistent throughout thickness.
B. Surface Burning Characteristics: Flame Spread 25, maximum; Smoke Developed 450, maximum; when tested in accordance with ASTM E84.
C. Integral castings to be in compliance with ANSI Z124.
D. Joint Adhesive: Manufacturer's standard two-part adhesive kit to create inconspicuous, non-porous joints, with chemical bond.
E. Panel Adhesive: Manufacturer's standard panel adhesive.
F. Sealant: Manufacturer's standard mildew-resistant, FDA/UL recognized silicone sealant in color-matching or clear formulations.

A. Standard Shower Receptors: Molded solid polymer material complete with curb as required. Surfaces to be sloped to drain and finished with non-slip finish. Shower receptors to be notched to receive shower wall panels.
1. Fully-Curbed Shower Receptor: Surface mounted shower floor pan with full front threshold and 2" center-mounted drain. Size and configuration as indicated on drawings.
2. Accessible Shower Receptor: Recessed ADA accessible shower floor pan with ½" front threshold and 2" center-mounted drain. Size and configuration as indicated on drawings.

B. Custom Shower Receptors: Solid polymer material thermoformed on high-density EPS core, with waterproofing membranes, epoxy/mesh and fiberglass reinforcement, chemical welds and FRP flanges for acompletely watertight and sealed construction. Surfaces to be sloped to drain and finished with non-slip finish.
1. Fully-Curbed Shower Receptor: Surface mounted shower floor pan with full front threshold; drain location as indicated on drawings. Size and configuration as indicated on drawings.
2. Accessible Shower Receptor: Recessed ADA accessible shower floor pan, or surface-mounted floor pan withADA accessible barrier-free ramp entrance; drain location as indicated on drawings.

C. Shower Walls: ¼" thick wall panels of solid polymer material. Use maximum panel sizes as required to minimize joints. Nominal panel size is 84" H. or custom manufactured to extend full-height to ceiling. Provide matching edge border trim.

D. Accessories:
1. Shower Floor Drain Assembly: 2" Diameter Brass Drain Assembly, to include drain nut, rubber gaskets, and stainless steel drain cover. Additional drain cover finishes available at additional cost.
2. Soap and Shampoo Shelf [Select as required for project]
a. Recessed Soap and Shampoo Shelf: Solid Surface material, finish to match wall panels; 15" H. x 7" W. x 3" D., with 2 shelves.
b. Corner-mounted Soap and Shampoo Shelf: Solid Surface material, finish to match wall panels; 20" H. x 10" W. x 4" D., 3-tier shelved unit.
3. Shower Seats [Select as required for project]
a. Bench Seat: Surface-mounted; High-Density Foam Seat Block, 12" D. x 18" H. x Width as required, clad all exposed surfaces with ½" thick solid surface material to match wall panels. Foam block to be sealed with waterproofing prior to installation and application of solid surface cladding.
b. Corner Seat: Wall-mounted; ¾" thick Solid Surface material, 18" Radiused profile, with two ½" thick support legs mounted flush to adjacent walls; seat top to be installed at 18" height nominal.
c. ADA Accessible Fold Down Seat [Bradley Corp. Model # 9569]: Wall-mounted; Stainless steel tubing with phenolic resin slat seat. Shower seat shall be able to lock in upright position when not in use. Shower seat shall comply with barrier-free accessibility guidelines for structural strength.
4. Grab Bars [Bradley Corp. Model #812 series]: Stainless Steel with satin finish; fasteners to be concealed with snap-on cover plates. All grab bar installations shall withstand forces in excess of 300 lbs.
5. Shower Curtain Rods [Bradley Corp. Model # 9539]: Stainless Steel rod with concealed mounting flanges. Length of rod to match shower opening.

A. Allowable Tolerances:
1. Variation in Component Size: +/- 1/8"
2. Location of Openings: +/- 1/8" from indicated location


A. Fabricate components in shop to greatest extent practical to sizes and shapes indicated, in accordance with approved shop drawings and manufacturer requirements.
B. Form joints between components using manufacturer's standard joint adhesive, joints inconspicuous in appearance and without voids.
C. Prepare cutouts in wall panels for plumbing and bath accessories, as indicated on drawings.

A. Verify existing conditions prior to starting work.
B. Verify that all necessary in-wall blocking for shower assembly and accessories is adequate and in proper location.
C. Verify that all walls are plumb and square and floor drain is in proper position.
D. Verify that all surfaces scheduled to receive solid surface fabrications are dry, clean and free of foreign substances which could be detrimental to proper installation.

A. Install components plumb and level, in accordance with manufacturer's instructions and approved shop drawings.
B. Form field joints using manufacturer's recommended adhesive, with joints inconspicuous in finished work.
C. Keep components, installation tools and hands clean during installation. Remove all excess adhesives and sealants, and any other stains. Components shall be clean on Date of Substantial Completion.
D. Make plumbing connections in accordance with Division 15, Mechanical.
E. Protect surfaces from damage until Date of Substantial Completion. Repair damaged work, or replace work that cannot be repaired, to architect's satisfaction.


Array Solid Surface specifications