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ARRAY Solid Surface offers high quality products for very reasonable prices...
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ARRAY Solid Surface is the perfect choice for hospitality, healthcare, long-term care, assisted living, retirement communities, disaster recovery, oil rig and similar living quarters, food service, campus housing, institutional, multi-residential & residential, commercial, and a host of other applications.

Certified by Greenguard and NSF, this economical alternative to high-priced solid surface will fit neatly into your project budget with no loss of quality or design appeal.

Architects are specifying ARRAY Solid Surface for ADA-compliant and standard shower applications more and more because of the low price and tremendous versatility of the product. Custom shower pans are available, as well - including ADA-compliant versions. And, trench drain options are available.

Your clients will appreciate the savings and performance, your design criteria will be addressed to your satisfaction, and your product specifications will be met every time you choose ARRAY Solid Surface.

ARRAY Showers Installation Guide
The ARRAY Shower Systems design and installation guide is a tool architects place a great deal of value in when developing healthcare and other projects that require ADA-compliant applications. Submittal drawings and installation instructions cover all the issues required for successful conclusions. Call Toll Free 1.877.778.1149 for your copy. Click for PDF version.
Greenguard and NSF
Array Showers
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ARRAY Solid Surface is a homogeneous, thermoset polymer compound that consists of acrylic and polyester components filled with aluminum tri-hydrate.
Impact-resistant shower pans, wall panels, vanity tops, and partitions are non-porous and enable installations that are water-tight with inconspicuous seams that are free of grout.
Shower pans are available in standard or custom configurations, including ADA-compliant designs.
These surfaces are extremely hygienic and easy to maintain, plus they are renewable, repairable and resistant to mold, bacteria, mildew, scratching and heat. An excellent choice for any wet-wall area.
Solid surface is easy to fabricate and install, and it offers the same color throughout the entire thickness of each sheet or trim piece.
Sheet and trim thicknesses include ¼”, ½” and ¾”.
10 standard colors and color matching are offered.
Solid Surface can be used to create entire wet area ensembles of shower walls, tub surrounds, tub decks, trim, vanity tops, toilet partitions, privacy panels, window sills, and similar applications.
Integral solid surface vanity bowls, 4” coved backsplashes, and 4” aprons are also available.
10-year Warranty offered
ADA-compliant Shower with ramp ARRAY Solid Surface Sheets
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Array solid surfaces offer high quality at a low price.