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Frequently Asked Questions


Q : What is Meganite® made of?
A : Meganite® is composed of acrylic resin and aluminum tri-hydrate. Pigments and stabilizers are also added.

Q : Will repairing or refinishing Meganite® reveal a different color underneath that won't match the rest of the countertop?
A : Meganite® solid surface is homogenous. It's the same color and the same material throughout. That's why repairing scratches is so easy and why the surface will continue to look like new.
Q: Do I need to choose a sink and faucet before my countertop is installed?
A: Though there are some common fixture sizes, we highly recommend choosing the sink and faucet before your custom countertop is created by a fabricator.
Q : Do some colors last longer than others.
A :Light colors show wear less than darker colors and require less maintenance. Any Meganite® color should provide many, many years of dependable service.
Q : After I buffed out a scratch or stain with a light-duty scrubbing pad, the area is duller than the rest of the countertop. What should I do?
A : For the highest gloss finishes, use a finer grit pad such as a white polishing compound with water and try to blend it with the rest of the countertop. Buff and dry with a smooth cloth.
Q : Can I add a Meganite® sink or bowl to my existing Meganite® countertop?
A : It depends on the style of sink and the existing installation. Check with your local fabricator.
Q : What's the best way to clean Meganite® on a day-to-day basis.
A : Just use soap and water and wipe it clean. Ammonia-based cleansers such as glass cleaner are also a great way to give the surface a non-streak shine. See our Care and Maintenance section (Click Here) of this site for additional information.
Q : What is the advantage of Meganite® over tile?
A : Tile has many seams where bacteria can accumulate. Grout between tiles must be cleaned frequently and often cracks. Meganite® has smooth, impenetrable seams, is more impact-resistant than tile, and offers many more edge treatments. Unlike tile, Meganite® is repairable and comes with a longer (10-year limited) warranty.
Q : What is the advantage of Meganite® over Granite?
A : If granite has not been sealed correctly, it can become stained and may collect bacteria. Granite sealed countertops are also difficult to keep clean. Meganite® is nonporous with a smooth, seamless surface that is more impact-resistant than granite, and easier to fabricate. Unlike granite, Meganite® is also repairable and comes with a 10-year limited warranty.
Q : Who would I get to install my Meganite® countertop?
A : Meganite® is installed by licensed fabricators who have been trained to work with it. Using a licensed fabricator ensures that your countertop will be properly installed and under full warranty.
Q : Where can I find a local fabricator or request a color sample?
A : First, find the Meganite® distributor nearest you. Distributors will help you get in touch with retailers and fabricators who stock and install Meganite® in your area.
Q : Can I purchase sheets of solid surface and install it myself?
A : To ensure quality installation and full warranty, Meganite® is only available to certified fabricators.
Q : What is the advantage of Meganite® over laminates?
A : Laminates may separate over time. Meganite® is solid material and moisture will not penetrate it. Unlike laminates, Meganite® is repairable and comes with 10-year limited warranty.
Q : What finishes are available in Meganite® countertops?
A : Meganite® can be finished with matte, semigloss and high-gloss finishes. Our distributors can help recommend the gloss level that best suits your use.
Q : Is Meganite® ever used in flooring?
A : Solid surface is not intended to be used as a flooring material, though it has been used in stair treads. Even then, only colors with large particulate are used to hide wear and scratches.
Q : While preparing meals, can I place raw vegetables and meats on Meganite®?
A : Yes, because Meganite® is nonporous, and bacteria will not accumulate. Clean the surface before food preparation in your normal way being careful not to allow other foods to come into contact with the surface. Wherever raw meat has been laid on the countertop, clean the surface thoroughly using a weak bleach solution.

Contact the Meganite technical support team for other questions.