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Meganite Solid Surface


When the specification calls for 100% acrylic solid surface sheets, MEGANITE®  is the best choice for quality, versatility, hygienic characteristics, conformance & price. And, MEGANITE® compares favorably with Corian®.

MEGANITE is available in
1/4" thick  Sheets
1/2" thick  Sheets




MEGANITE® Solid Surface is Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified.

MEGANITE® Solid Surface is NSF Certified.


RECYCLED MEGANITE® is SCScertified for potential LEED® points.  

   Click for recycled colors & certification information.
MEGANITE is perfect for all of these applications:
Healthcare & Hospital Facilities
Food Service & Case Goods
RV's and Mobile Homes
Assisted Living & Retirement 
Extended Stay
Residential & Multi-tenant
Manufactured Homes 
Modular Homes 
Disaster Recovery
Aircraft, Ships & Yachts
Offshore Oil Rig Housing
Casinos, Hotels & Resorts
Signs, Displays, Fixtures & Trim
Religious & Community Facilities
Franchised Establishments
Manufacturing of window sills, toilet partitions, fireplaces & mantels
College Campus Housing
Schools & Daycare
Commercial, Industrial & Retail
Banking & Finance



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HEALTHCARE - MEGANITE provides bacteria, mold, and mildew resistant surfaces for operating rooms, patient rooms, and laboratories, including sanitary lavatories, sinks and shower walls, nurses’ stations, clinical exam rooms, and food preparation and serving areas within hospital cafeterias.

FOOD SERVICE - MEGANITE’S surfaces contribute to food safety and bacteria-, germ-resistant surfaces with easy cleaning and disinfecting of countertops, tables, and kitchen areas.

COMMERCIAL, BUSINESS, FINANCIAL, RETAIL & EDUCATION - MEGANITE'S durability, ease of care, and endless design options render customized design capabilities for high-traffic public areas and reception desks.

RESIDENTIAL - MEGANITE provides beautiful, decorative surfaces for the home while protecting families with hygienic countertops and sinks for kitchens, bathroom vanity tops, and shower walls.




Meganite solid surfaces are specified by professionals for a myriad of architectural applications.